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Kathy Wimer,
Development Manager

Kathy comes from a blended family in Houston, TX and has always cherished the role of food bringing people together. Fresh, healthy and accessible meals played a pivotal part in her upbrining, connecting her to her heritage. In 2011, she began her culinary adventure at Austin Community College, exploring the local food scene and diving into hands-on experiences.

Complementing her culinary interests, Kathy further expanded her horizons by pursuing a Bachelor's in Business Management at Texas State University, blending her culinary passion with a solid business foundation. With a background in sales, marketing and an enduring love for all-things food, Kathy is passionate about the power of healthy foods and is excited to transition from a corporate career to forwarding Farmshare's mission to grow a healthy, just and equitable food system for all!  You can catch Kathy in her free time cooking, sharing her garden harvests and hanging out with her family, dogs, chickens and friends outdoors.

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