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Pilar was born and raised in Mexico City, where she studied and earned a bachelor’s degree in Human Nutrition and Food Science. When she moved to the USA in 2002, she received her MS in Clinical Nutrition, Food Studies and Public Health from NYU and became a Registered Dietitian. She worked at NY Presbyterian helping patients with eating disorders and other psychiatric disorders. When she became a mom, she switched from Clinical to Community Nutrition and started learning about food deserts and edible school gardens. Upon moving to Austin, she became a Master Gardener in Williamson County and started volunteering at her kids’ school garden, convinced that kids would eat more veggies if they grew them. While working in a food start-up, she came across the concept of the Planetary Diet, learning that the decision that we make while eating not only affects our body but also our planet, and this became her passion. Pilar then started studying about Climate Change, Agriculture and its relationship with human health — and then the opportunity to join the Farmer Starter program at Farmshare Austin came. This changed the way she thought about food, health, and our future on this planet. (Thanks, Michelle!) She fell in love with Farmshare Austin after eating its Yaya carrots and is thrilled to be working as the Food Access Outreach Coordinator to help spread the word about the importance of knowing where your food is grown and to make this good food accessible to everyone!

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